1. Peter

    I think there are several key reasons why he is so popular.

    First, he provides an escape goat for people’s failures, immigrants. In recent decades, the lower and middle classes in developed countries have fared some of the worst globally in terms of income growth and job/general security. The belief that you will have a better life than your parents is largely a thing of the past. However, we constantly are told how successful other people are. In our society we are judged so much by our success. Apparent failure can be very hard to cope with, especially for men. The astronomical suicide rate among middle aged men is just a symptom of this. It is easier to just blame someone else for your problems than admit your own limitations. The areas where people are most anti-immigration is often where there are few immigrants, but deprivation is most prevalent.

    Second, people don’t like being told they can’t have something, they want hope. Main stream politics is focusing on austerity, not growth. Politicians are no longer promising increasing living standards and a “house for every person” as they were in the naughties. They have come to distrust mainstream politics after the financial crisis. Trump is very different to the political mainstream. When he says that he will make America great again, he doesn’t give people an action plan of how. He does however give arguably one of the most important things in politics instead, hope for a better tomorrow.

    Third, he has charisma when he speaks. You can say what you want, as long as you have charisma people will listen. A famous example is the Kennedy vs Nixon TV/Radio debates. People who heard the debates on the radio said Nixon won, but those who watched it on TV said Kennedy was the winner. How you say something is often more important than what you say.

    One final comment. He is worth around $3 billion. If had has simply invested his inherited wealth in the stock market, he would be closer to $8 billion. In short, he isn’t great at business, as shown by his numerous failed enterprises.

    • Lily Sycamore

      Thanks for your comment.

      Surely someone who is preaching about negative things like racial hatred/divide, is scapegoating and so politically incorrect should not be liked for this or provided so much positive media coverage? Because he is not trying to keep his extremism quiet; he is simply providing an outlet for extremists and is openly encouraging the divide. Perhaps his honesty is what sets him apart from other politicians but isn’t it concerning if this is what is attracting the people? Not the content of what he says but that he is honest in his approach to popularity?

      We should be discussing why people feel racism is acceptable in today’s day and age? Because when we discuss Trump and call him charismatic (even though he may not be charismatic to us) then we are placing him on a pedestal which he doesn’t deserve.

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